Events Schedule


This is a 3-day event


The Gathering on  starting 6pm. @ Three Jimmy's Good Time Eatery,


The Highland Games  starting 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Opening ceremony @ 12pm.
Traditional Highland Games competitions @ Mills Park.

BAMM takes the stage @ 6pm

Tuatha Dea will be headlining @ 8:00pm.


The Parting Sunday Praise & Worship service @ 10:00 am will feature The Ray Ball Singers.


Enjoy Virgina Ground
at Three Jimmy's 6/14

Price $50 for THREE days. Family rates. Children under 12 just $10. There will be all kinds BBQ and Celtic food with plenty of spirits and fun. Become a VIP! We have our own tent and our own servers $25. Join the band, the athletes, the sponsors, and HUP members!

We are pleased to be bring the "Highlander" games to beautiful Gatlinburg!

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